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Love products, research and finding a way to put it all together for the general public to read and enjoy? Copywriting may be just what you’re looking for!

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Choose a site like Etsy to start selling your crafts or digital goods like printables, posters, and other materials. And if you are ready to create your own online shop, think about setting up a Shopify store. It’s one of the easiest and most affordable ways to set up a robust and professional-looking website for your e-commerce business.
In fact, if you’d like to see a more complete list of the services you can offer, check out this free resource. It was created by Gina Horkey, who earned $4,000 a month working as a VA on the side from her day job: 275+ Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant (And Get Paid For!) .

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After you sign up, you will then need to build out your online profile which is easy and straightforward. Once Survey Junkie reviews your information, they will pair you with surveys that are geared towards your interests.
They only employ about 40 taggers at any given time in the U.S., so you'll need to stalk the company's job board for open positions.

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And if you manage to bag yourself an interview at Amazon, make sure you've done your research and feel prepared to answer the most common interview questions. Good luck! 🤞
Teaching and tutoring English as a second language is a great way to make money online, not to mention open some doors for you to travel the world (and document it by starting a travel blog if you’d like). While full ESL (English as a Second Language) accreditation is recommended, as long as you’re a native speaker and have the ability to teach, there are people in countries such as Hong Kong or the UAE who are willing to pay upwards of $25/hr for you to tutor them English via Skype. Check out Indeed, Learn4Good and for remote english tutoring jobs or sign up on a specialized site like Preply, VerbalPlanet or Chegg Tutors.

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Etsy is all about being creative, so use your imagination when it comes to the type of items you can sell. Can you make invitations that people can print at home? Or some funky Valentines? Have some thrifty, artsy stuff on your walls that you're willing to sell? How about calligraphy? Shop around on Etsy and you may get inspired.

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And if you are passionate about sharing your knowledge, you can benefit from this revolution. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop, and you can start to make money today.

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    Job titles include content writer, copy supervisor, technical writer, food blogger and financial writer.

    Okay, so this is a slightly different idea to earn from home. You have to maintain a legitimate business’s page and engage meaningfully with their followers.
    Talented at arts, crafts or DIY? Amazon Handmade could be a brilliant platform to start selling your art, jewellery, textiles, or just about anything crafty.

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    When accumulating 1,000 points (SBs), you can exchange them for $10. Some of the surveys pay up to 500 SBs each, which is an opportunity to earn extra $20 to $30 monthly.

    1.0 out of 5 stars Very tired techniques that may have worked 10 years ago It's 2014 and the author still believes you can make $hundreds a month just doing some keyword searches on Google, targeting the most popular words, writing a few articles, linking to affiliate products and sitting back as the money comes rolling in. He even touts "spinning" articles as still a valid technique. The bulk of the book is dedicated to telling you how to buy a domain name, buy hosting (all loaded with his affiliate links, of course) and setting up a basic site. Shameful. Steer clear - there's nothing in here that works in 2014. As this was a Kindle freebie, I'm not going to criticise it too much - after all the guy has taken the time and trouble to share his hard won experience for free. However, his references were a bit repetitive i.e. 'you can find this video on You Tube...' over and over again. One list of references at the end would have been better. It is clear that these are extracts bolted together and no tidying up has been done at the joins. As others have said, this is not a get rich quick plan and will take some patient graft but, if followed, probably would start to show an online income. How this got 5 stars is beyond me?! This does have a few good points, I found the book to be very repetitive and poorly worded for the most part.
    But being a virtual assistant is an incredibly popular option, especially as there are so many online businesses that people need help with.

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    I know you shared 10 of your top money making ones, but could you highlight the best that you work with for now? What would be your advice for people starting out and for those who are in the brick-and-mortar business?

    Start by entering our very own monthly student competition (Follow our Instagram page to see when our next one is)!
    You may also want to check out FlexJobs (read our FlexJobs review) which is one of the best remote job boards on the internet, thanks to the fact that every listing is vetted to ensure there are no scams.

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    However, there is a significant disadvantage when you are impatient to earn money online easily without much research. Numerous scamsters and frauds are waiting to grab you. They have lucrative offers and convincing profiles. Once you fall prey to your greed, you are caught.

    The good thing about taking online surveys is that you can do it at home whenever you want. Depending on the survey, it can take a few minutes to half an hour to complete. You can do as many or as few surveys as you want. The best is to sign up with multiple survey companies so that you can have more opportunities to earn.
    With a little bit of practice, marketing automation will soon become second nature to you, and you can offer valuable services to companies.

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That makes this one of the most lucrative work-from-home opportunities on this list.

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Step 3: You can pick the work or project by directly interacting with clients or going though the site. Some Indian sites ensure the payment to its freelancers, unlike those that allow direct transactions with customers, where the payment may not be guaranteed.

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To this day, it still amazes me how much Mint has helped me save. Better yet, their platform allows you to link up your bank accounts, so you get a clear picture of your overall net worth.

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