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A few years ago, I thought making money online wasn’t possible, at least for all but the very lucky. I never imagined I would leave my job to freelance write and blog full time. But technology and a high-demand for productive, skilled workers has created many profitable opportunities to make real money from your computer.

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Passive Income Blogging: How to Make $1,051 with an Amazon Affiliate Blog in a Month
There are plenty of options on outsourcing sites like Mark. Google around and see what people are charging. .

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Product testing is a legitimate opportunity to make money from home. There are a small number of legitimate websites that pay you to test and share your feedback on products. Many product testers will then sell the product they receive for additional earnings.
Choosing stocks that pay dividends can very passively earn you money online for years to come.

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Don’t be discouraged if your first videos don’t get a lot of views. You’ll improve with practice as you find your voice!
This is perfect if you want to open an online store without the hassle of inventory.

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There are lots of tech support work-at-home opportunities out there. Before looking for at-home tech support jobs, however, keep a few cautions in mind:

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But while a credit card is a great tool for building credit, there are many legitimate arguments against using one. If your spotty credit or personal preferences preclude you from applying for a credit card, don’t sweat it. You have plenty of other opportunities to earn cash back on purchases made in the comfort of your own home.

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    My English tutoring days were short lived, but that doesn’t mean selling some kind of service that you personally deliver isn’t still a viable option. The Internet is a fantastic place to market your services for free. Similar to what I talked about in the first three points, you can use online community sites, classified, forums and your own website to market your service.
    A member of Team Clark has made $250 over the course of one month by participating in focus groups that he found through

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    As with any traditional bank, there is some risk attached to peer-to-peer lending. Zopa have gone a long way to mitigating this by spreading your money across many different borrowers (who are also credit checked). You can also choose products that suit your appetite for risk and reward.

    I use Siteground and absolutely LOVE them! I chose Siteground because they are 4 times faster than the industry average for page load times, and they can handle 3 times more traffic.
    Perhaps you enjoy writing, managing Facebook pages or doing a little bit of graphic design in your spare time. There are so many freelance jobs out there that require simple skills or just time that someone else might not have.

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    This gig does not require any skill at all and you earn cash while influencing the products that companies bring to market. Other legit sites that pay you to answer surveys are:

    Although challenging at times to find sponsors, I was quickly able to bring in several hundred dollars per month in advertising revenue by directly approaching online companies who I considered good targets for my readership. I emailed them and asked if they would like to pay a monthly fee to place a banner on my site. Most said no, but some said yes and eventually I had a couple of loyal sponsors.
    If you work hard, put in the time and don’t give up, you can definitely change your life! Just know, you have my full support, and I’m always here to help.

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    If you love figuring out what products are popular and writing compelling sales descriptions, you can start selling on Amazon or Shopify without ever having to create a product or organize inventory and shipping. You’ll need some start-up capital to purchase your first round of inventory, but this can be a very profitable business.

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    If you are seriously interested in starting an online course, a great place to start is the Teachable free webinar. Teachable offers free live training to help you launch your online course in no time. You can claim your free spot by clicking here.

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Maybe you are a kid who has a knack for finding bargains. You could easily become a broker and scout deals for your family. This is perfect for those kids who love to save money. If you are able to come up with 2-3 different deals every year then this is pretty lucrative as a kid!

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We’ve heard of the delicious spaghetti and meatballs recipes, but imagine having that same meatball goodness in a soup? It’s like Christmas in a bowl. Healthy, warm, and only $3.43 per serving.

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For many, this can make the task rather time-consuming and therefore they hire translators available online from anywhere across the globe. Several websites such as,, or offers you a platform to be a professional translator.

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Now, UserTesting is the first to admit that this is meant to be a source of extra income, not a full-time job. Based on your demographics and client needs, you may only match with a few tests a day. But it is a great, easy way to earn $50 to $100 a week.

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